The forgotten marginalised - LGBTQIA+ people in disasters

 09:30 - 11:00 CET
 24 November 2021
 EFDRR Virtual Platform

The Sendai Framework has advanced previous global disaster frameworks by including and promoting a number of marginalised groups, in addition to calling for a “leave no one behind” approach to disasters. Yet, the Framework fails to adequately consider LGBTQIA+ communities, and their diverse lives, vulnerabilities and resilience capacities.

The exclusion of LGBTQIA+ is in spite of the fact that LGBTQIA+ communities are at more risk of social exclusion in the immediate aftermath of a disaster or emergency event and often require specific and specialist consideration at policy and practical levels.

This side event will explore and provide practical guidance on the following:
- What we already know. A review of the work already done by the academic, policy-maker and practitioner communities to engage with this marginalised group.
- The gaps. Explore what we don’t know and what that means for the successful inclusion and engagement of this community.
- The future. Looking specifically at what we need to ensure a truly inclusive disaster risk reduction and management approach that includes all within society.

Using expertise and knowledge from those within the academic, policy, grassroots and practitioner fields, the session will aim to provide a space to learn about how to engage with and include LGBTQIA+ communities within disaster policy and practice.



Maureen Fordham
Professor of Gender and Disaster Resilience, Centre Director, IRDR Centre for Gender and Disaster, University College London

Dr Billy Tusker Haworth
Lecturer in Critical GIS and International Disaster Management, HCRI, University of Manchester

Dr Ashleigh Rushton
Postdoctoral fellow, The University of the Fraser Valley

Kevin Blanchard
Director at DRR Dynamics

Holly A. Seglah
Researcher at DRR Dynamics


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