Design your resilient future – Exploring impacts of water-related disasters in an online game

 10:30 - 11:30 CET
 26 November 2021
 EFDRR Virtual Platform

In our side event, we will play a version of the Deltares’ Sustainable Delta serious game. It teaches how to make smarter investment decisions given an uncertain future in which multiple hazards can be expected. It has been played widely all over the world to raise awareness about the benefits of adaptive planning methodologies like adaptation pathways. We take you along in an interactive activity in which you gain a better understanding of your policy options and the impacts of your choices for future events.

The objective of the game is to make strategic choices for a lowland river area over a 100-year period. The game challenges you to collectively define sustainable strategies that mitigate specific risks, whilst paying attention to broader development and nature impacts, as well as global and regional events and the evolving perspectives of local inhabitants. The developed strategies need to be robust and balanced across several performance indicators, and simulate long-term, adaptive management plans.



Judith Kaspersma
Head of Flood Risk Management Department, Deltares, The Netherlands


Audrey Legat
Advisor water governance, Deltares, The Netherlands

Julius Schlumberger
PhD student, TU Delft

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