Climate Change Adaptation & Disaster Risk Reduction

 15:00h-16:15h CET
 25 November 2021
 EFDRR Virtual Platform

The EFDRR takes place right after COP26 where the resilience and adaptation agenda is  being given a high priority. This session comes at an important moment as the outcomes  will be taken forward.

The understanding and perception of climate change may have different aspects depending  on the country and regional or local particularities. Similarly, the disaster management and  reduction policies of states are the legacy of past cultures and experiences which today  are subject to cross-sectoral, cross-border or transboundary interactions.  

Multi-hazard risk management (such as natural hazards triggering technological accidents)  need to be addressed in the face of consequences of climate change. At the same time,  there is a growing interest in nature-based solutions and anticipatory action which needs  to be turned into commitments and move from pilots to upscaling. The session proposes  to structure on the Analysis, Awareness and Action nexus, the basis of a holistic approach and considering climate change as a systemic risk. 




Ms. Emily Hough
Editor in Chief, the Crisis Response Journal


Mr. Taylor Dimsdale
Director of E3G’s Risk and Resilience Program, E3G Washington Office

Ms. Fleur Monasso
Senior Technical Expert on Climate-Smart DRR, Capacity Strengthening and Partnerships, Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre

Mr. Piero Pelizzarro
Chief Resilience officer, city of Milan


Mr. Laurent Alfonso
European Affairs Officer, Ministry of the Interior, France

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Session type: Working session

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