Fundación Avina supports concrete climate action through the IT’S NOW campaign

Fundación Avina
IT'S NOW Global Climate Action

To support the implementation of the Sendai Framework, the voluntary commitment by Fundación Avina has a deliverable on accelerating inclusive climate action as a key element for strengthening the resilience of societies. As part of their activities, together with other partners, Fundación Avina supports the IT’S NOW campaign. The objective is to promote citizen-led concrete climate actions that prioritize the wellbeing of people, regeneration of ecosystems, strengthening of democracy, respect for local territories and communities, promotion of social justice, and building an economy that is fair, demonstrates care for people, and contributes to the common good.

On top of the climate crisis, Fundación Avina is dealing with the effects of the pandemic and food insecurity. As a result, the current version of IT’S NOW is focused on implementing community gardens worldwide as it emphasizes the importance of land and the strengthening of communities. You can join the global action movement both by sharing your work and/or demanding action. Individuals, communities, organizations, or governments are welcomed to participate. For more information, please click on the associated links.

The Sendai Framework Voluntary Commitments (SFVC) online platform allows stakeholders to inform the public about their work on disaster risk reduction (DRR). The SFVC online platform is a useful tool to know who is doing what and where for the implementation of the Sendai Framework, which could foster potential collaboration among stakeholders. All stakeholders (private sector, civil society organizations, academia, media, local governments, etc.) working on DRR can submit their commitments and report on their progress and deliverables. Good practices and achievements will be highlighted through the online platform.

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